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Fostering societal progress through social innovation and community leadership

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Empowering Individuals to Drive Social Change.

We believe in the power of every individual to ignite social change and make a difference

ANOUAL Association was founded in 2005 by a group of young activists, the organization focuses on creating innovative and impactful projects to support Moroccan youth. 

Our main focus is empowering young leaders by the power of social innovation and community leadership to bring innovative solutions to the challenges our society faces. 

On the other hand, we are passionate about collaborating with other organizations to achieve outstanding social impact.

Anoual Community

Meet Our Board Members

Ilyass Benarouia

Chairman & CEO

Ibtissam Daif

Board Member

Souhail Stitou

Board Member

Khalid Raihani

Board Member

Mouna Bekkali

Board Member

Sara Loutfi

Board Member

Safaa Ouchen

Past chairwoman


To foster societal
progress through
social innovation and
community leadership.


Young empowerment and
youth centered activities
are key issues to focus by
our organization.


A country where everyone
is empowered to have the
opportunity to make
a social change.


Empower young future
leaders for effective
initiative and for making
a positive impact.